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Just 20 minutes (27 miles) away from Slovenian capital Ljubljana, on the way to Croatian capital Zagreb, is an old Roman town Trebnje. In the heart of region Lower Carniola in beautiful green nature we offers 4 star apartment with all necessary facilities for great holidays. From apartment balcony you can see beautiful sunset surrounded by green forests and meadows.


In near surroundings you can find a lot of castles, tens of churches, very known Gallery of Naive art, Sport center with courts for tennis and beach wolley, but also unique and attractive Vineyard cottages in our wine-growing region. Trebnje is also born town of very known Priest Friderik Baraga, now a candidate for beatification, who was a missionary to the Indians and later the first bishop of Marquette, Michigan. He stood against the exploitation of Indians and encouraged them to be independent and fight for their rights. He authored a dictionary, a grammar and several books in their language, and acquainted Europe with their culture through his famous story about the Indian princess Pocahontas. On the base of his story Walt Disney made a famous cartoon. Friderik Baraga birthplace is now a museum, just few miles away from our apartment.


Around Trebnje you can find a lot of villages with traditional countryside architecture as granaries, small wooden barns, Beehives and Hayracks. Just 15 minutes away is first world open air museum of Hayracks. Trebnje is also an ideal starting point for cycling, hiking, fishing, hunting or horseback riding. Just 20 minutes away you can enjoy in two Spa centres with wellness programmes, Golf lovers can find also Golf course which has already twice received the award for the best golf course in Slovenia.


Welcome to Trebnje and our familly Apartment Dolenjska.


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About Trebnje



The Municipality of Trebnje is located in central Slovenia-in central Dolenjska (Lower Carniola) to be exact-and lies at the junction of the Alpine, Dinaric, and Pannonian regions at an altitude of 280 meters. This is a major transit region that will be further distinguished in the future by the Karavanke-Obre¾je expressway. This diversity of the region is reflected as much by its natural assets as by its cultural heritage. In the middle of the Dolenjska hills, along the Temenica, Mirna, and Radulja rivers, an unusual story unravels of the country, the life, the work, and the culture of the people who have lived here since prehistoric times as in a fairy-tale and who know how to look after the abundant life of the Trebnje Valley. That Trebnje has been an important traffic crossroads since ancient times has been proven by excavations of the old Roman settlement Praetorium Latobicorum.


Distances: Venice 180 miles, Vienna 263 miles, Plitvice National park 131 miles, Isle Krk-seaside 95 miles, Munich 285 miles


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